Card "Game" facilitates End of Life Discussions

We all know having a conversation about the end of life is not always an easy one. But what if I told you there was a card “game” that could help make the transition to the conversation a little easier?   

The Go Wish Game is a “game” invented by the Coda Alliance . The Coda Alliance is a non-profit that  “partners with families, health and religious professionals, communities, hospitals, universities, hospices, elder care facilities, and global partner organizations to make end-of-life conversations a natural part of life.”. 


Go Wish Playing Cards

Go Wish Playing Cards is a deck of cards that contains 36 cards with bold font, in order to be user friendly.  It contains 36 cards overall and 35 of the cards contain phrases such as:

  • “To take care of unfinished business with family and friends”
  • “Not dying alone”
  • “To say goodbye to important people in my life”
  • “To prevent arguments by making sure my family knows what I want”
  • “Not being a burden on my family”

The 36th card, the last card,  is a  “wild card” and meant to be used in place of some special wish/priority  the player may have.

How to “Play”

Coda encourages two or more “Players” for this ”game”, and the loved one who is approaching  end of life should be the primary “player”, though everyone could take a turn.

The goal is to separate the cards into 3 different categories.  10 Cards will go into the “Very Important” category, 20 go into the “Somewhat Important” category and the remainder go into the “Least Important” category.  After the cards have been sorted, the “Primary Player” is encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings and wishes with the remaining “Players”.

The goal is to help start the conversation about the end of life proceedings and to ensure your loved one’s final wishes and expectations are being followed. 

Coda Alliance sells the cards in decks of 2 for $26 or you can feel free to “Play” the online version for free  here . If you choose to “play” the online version, you may print the cards out after you have sorted them into their respective categories.

After you and your loved one(s) have played the “game”, you may want to start to gather all the necessary information needed to move onto the next steps, including Preplanning

This experience may leave you and you loved one(s) with questions regarding the planning stages for end of life, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

We at "Comfort" hope this article wil help to guide you in starting the end of life conversations at home with your family and friends. We understand it is not always an easy task and hope this activity can help you to feel more at ease. 



For original article and more infomation you may visit here.

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