Move Over Compost, There’s a New Alternative in Town.


We are all familiar with full body burials and cremation, but if there was a third option? Human Composting. Yes, you read that right, human composting.  

Washington State may become the first state to legalize “Human Composting”, or as it is better known as, Recomposition.  The process of recomposition is a “green” alternative to traditional burials and cremations.  So, how does it work?

First, bodies are placed in vessels where they would be covered in wood chips and straw, then the vessel is rotated and aerated to keep it temperature and moisture controlled.  Naturally occurring microbes and bacteria break down the human body (including bone!) in about 30 days. Each body is estimated to make one cubic yard of composted soil.

Many in Washington thought this process seemed like a viable option, even stating they would like to be able to someday give back to the Earth and become nourishment for their family gardens.

So now that we know WHAT Recomposition is, and how it works, what do YOU think? Would you want to go green and be used in your garden? Should NYS follow Washington as the next state to possibly legalize Recompostion?

Here at “Comfort”, we like to stay open minded and welcome the idea of new ways to care for our deceased. We understand some families may be looking for a greener alternative to burial or cremation, and think this could be it. There is something comforting about knowing that you can return to the Earth more naturally and some day help to nourish and grow new plant life.

Drop us your thoughts on Recomposition below!

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Click HERE for original article By Tom Banse of NW News Network.

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