Personalization is just that. Making a service personal and tailored to your loved one can help everyone reflect on the good memories you’ve shared and help to remind you what made them so special and unique.  Making a personalized service can be very therapeutic, but sometimes, personalization can be tricky. That’s where we are here to help. Here at Comfort Funeral Home Inc, we believe every service should be as personalized as possible.


Perhaps the easiest way to start personalizing the funeral service is by collecting photos of your loved one. Once the photos are gathered, families may place them on poster boards for display in the funeral home or they may give them to the funeral home where we will transform them into a slideshow that will play during services.

Personal Items

Another starting point for personalization is gathering personal items that help reflect a loved one’s personality. We then display these items around the funeral home for all to see. We call this “Bringing your loved one into the room.”

Need help coming up with ideas on what to display? Start by asking yourself – Are there any hobbies they may have had? Were they “Best known” for any one thing? What were their favorite movies, TV shows or music?

We have made many personalized services over the years. Some even included families choosing to give pieces of their loved one's collection away to guests as keepsakes. A few of the displays we have done in the past include:

  • Hawaiian shirt collection
  • Fishing lures and poles
  • Golf bags/clubs
  • Sports/racing memorabilia
  • Flags/tapestries
  • Knitting projects
  • Awards
  • Woodwork
  • Teddy bear collections
  • Pottery collections
  • Parking Lot Displays
    • Cars
    • Dragsters
    • Trailers
  • And so much more...

We will work with you to make sure we can make any request possible to truly showcase your loved one’s personality.

Club/Organization Involvement

Was your loved one part of a club/organization such as Veteran Legion Post, Knights of Columbus, Masonic Lodge, Moose Lodge, Fire Department etc.? If so, the club/organization members may want to perform a small ceremony in order to honor your loved one’s involvement during their services.

Prayer (Memorial) Cards

Prayer cards are traditional pocket sized cards given out at services, typically found near register books, that people take home to remember the one being honored. They are often decorated with a picture of something important to the deceased on the front and have their name with a prayer or quote on the back. We offer traditional “stock” images for the front of the card as well as the ability to create custom prayer cards using your own photo/image; this is a great place to showcase your favorite picture of your loved one. The back of the card is completely customizable as well, allowing you to place additional pictures or your own meaningful prayer/quote/poem.

Personalized Flowers

Flowers can be a great way to showcase your loved one as well. Did they have a favorite flower? If not, did they have a favorite color that we can use to create flower pieces? Remember, not all arrangements you get have to be flowers, many people use green leaves, fern pieces, and bark in order to make them look more like nature pieces rather than flower pieces. Another great idea is to work with your florist to incorporate personal pieces into the flower displays. We have had farmers put a hoe in a basket with flowers around it, put their loved one’s work gloves in arrangements, or even put grill utensils, miniature cars/tractors into the center of floral pieces. When it comes to personalization, your imagination is (sometimes) the limit.

Memory Cards

Our custom made memory cards (pictured below) allow you to pick a background that most fits the personality of your loved one. Once you’ve decided which design to use, we will hand them out to your guests during services. They are then prompted to fill out a memory they have of your loved one and either tack it up on our Memory Sharing Board, located in the center of our facility, or place it in a collection basket. When services have concluded, the completed memory cards will be taken home by the family as an everlasting keepsake of their loved one, bringing them warmth, joy, and comfort every time they read them.

“Memories are special moments that share our story.”

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